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We see ourselves as a "Christian community collaborating for a better world."

Central Presbyterian Church’s roots in Vancouver go back to the 1890’s. It moved to its present address on Thurlow Street after selling its property in 1970 to St. Paul’s Hospital, which was looking for space for expansion. In 2014, it entered a relationship with a major Vancouver developer to repurpose its present site to build a number of condominiums owned by the developer, with the congregation keeping its own worship space, 45 housing units for below-market housing and a commercial property.

We are located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. All around us are opportunities to engage in the needs and aspirations of our neighbours. The needs and aspirations are different depending on the neighbour. We have neighbours above us, around us, and within our own congregation. There are more needs than any one congregation can meet.

We invite you to connect with us, to get to know us at a Sunday Worship Service and Fellowship Hour, at the noontime Wednesday prayer time, at our mid-week Bible study, at our rescue food distribution every Friday at noon.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on Central Presbyterian Church. We welcome your comments and/or questions. You may send us an email via the form below. We will do our best to respond to your messages as promptly as we can. Mondays and Wednesdays from 12 noon to 2pm we are online for live chat.

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