Meet the Minister

Victor Gavino

On December 1, 2023, Central Presbyterian with the approval of the Presbytery of Westminster appointed Victor C. Gavino as Stated Supply, effectively, the acting minister of the church.

Victor and his wife Grace became Christ-followers in the mid 1980s through the ministry of Christian and Missionary Alliance church located in Montreal. Both teamed with the Navigators of Canada in discipleship ministries, Montreal chapter, visiting and giving presentations at several local churches. One of the greatest joys in that time of their journey in Christ was helping plant a church - the First Filipino Baptist Church of Montreal.

Grace and Victor both hold doctorates from Ohio State University, Grace in chemistry and Victor in biochemistry. Both worked at the Université de Montréal for close to three decades: Victor was a professor of Nutrition in the Faculty of Medicine, and Grace was a research scientist in the same unit. In his early 50s, Victor embarked on part-time studies at the Presbyterian College in Montréal. In 2010, he was ordained as Minister of Word and Sacraments, initially serving in congregational ministry. Subsequently, he transitioned to an appointment at the Presbyterian College, assuming the role of Coordinator for the recently inaugurated Centre for Leadership.

Ever a student, Victor is currently a PhD candidate in a multi-disciplinary program at McGill University. His research is on the nature of leadership of the Apostle Paul. He expects to graduate in mid 2024.

Victor and his wife Grace moved last September 2023 from Montreal to North Vancouver to enjoy retirement close to family and in a milder climate. Ministry, however, never goes dormant and upon the urging of the Rev. Dr. Dale woods, and after a season of prayer and reflection, he decided to take on the leadership of Central Presbyterian Church in Vancouver.

Victor and Grace share many interests, foremost of which is learning the culture and cuisine of many nations. They have traveled extensively with tour groups and on their own, from the Middle East to Western Europe, South and North America, the Pacific and Asia. Both look forward to exploring British Columbia.

Victor and Grace celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary in 2023. They have three daughters and seven grandchildren. They look forward to wonderful years ahead, both with family and in ministry.

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