Christ is Alive

Brian Arthur Wren
© 1975 Hope Publishing Company
CCLI License # 913763

Verse 1
Christ is alive let Christians sing
The cross stands empty to the sky
Let streets and homes with praises ring
Love drowned in death shall never die

Verse 2
Christ is alive no longer bound
To distant years in Palestine
But saving healing here and now
And touching every place and time

Verse 3
In every insult rift and war
Where colour scorn or wealth divide
Christ suffers still yet loves the more
And lives where even hope has died

Verse 4
Women and men in age and youth
Can feel the Spirit hear the call
And find the way the life the truth
Revealed in Jesus freed for all

Verse 5
Christ is alive and comes to bring
Good news to this and every age
Till earth and sky and ocean ring
With joy with justice love and praise